Candace International Dental Centre (CIDC)


Candace International Dental Centre (CIDC) works together and follows the same principle used as INSTITUT DR. HUEMER in Austria. In a smaller scale than the INSTITUT, CIDC keeps the same value and goals—to offer high quality dental treatment for the community and to provide specialized education for dental professionals.


Candace International Dental Centre shall offer two types of service: affordable dental treatment for patients in need, as well as high-quality treatment for patients seeking such services. And furthermore, CIDC’s educational programme shall offer courses to anyone interested in embarking on the field of dentistry, namely diploma courses for dental assistants, dental prophylaxis assistants and dental laboratory technicians as well as postgraduate courses for diploma and degree holders.


Dental Services

One of the services offered by CIDC shall be dental treatment for the community in the dental clinic. This service will be closely connected with the educational programme in many ways. While the dental clinic will supply the educational programme with patients and equipment, the educational programme will provide the workforce for the dental clinic, which shall offer dental care for two groups of patients—those who are seeking premium service and are willing to pay for it, and patients in need seeking affordable treatment which will meet their needs.


All treatments are performed according to the quality standards of ZAHNMEDIZINISCHES INSTITUT DR. HUEMER GMBH in Austria.


Dental Social Programmes:

  • Pain Relief Emergency Care: Dental treatment for those who cannot afford modern, hygienic dentistry. The Pain Relief programme is funded by PRO HOMINE donations and by CIDC itself. 
  • Children’s Dental Care: Dental treatment under general anaesthesia for children whose families cannot afford dentistry. These patients are sponsored by CIDC and by PRO HOMINE’s donation programme. 
  • Dental Treatment – Educational Programme: Dental treatment in the educational programme for patients of educational interest who cannot afford dentistry. Patients in these treatments take part in the educational programme, helping future dentists to gain more experience. The cost of keeping this programme running is shared equally between CIDC and PRO HOMINE: each provides 50 percent. 
  • Dental Treatment – General Programme: Through this programme, patients who are not taking part on the educational programme and cannot afford modern hygienic dentistry are offered a number of different treatment types. PRO HOMINE's donation programme is responsible for 100 percent of all costs through donations, and will carry out these treatments according to the funds available.

Private Dental Treatment

This group of patients consists of people who can afford premium service. They are either treated by CIDC’s chief dental surgeons or by the staff responsible for the educational programme. As requested by the patient, the materials utilised are top-end European products, or products comparable to those on the European market. For these services, private patients will receive a guarantee of excellence from ZAHNMEDIZINISCHES INSTITUT DR. HUEMER GMBH in Austria.


Dental Laboratory

CIDC provides an in-house dental laboratory to serve its patients. In Ethiopia most prosthetics and dental appliances must be imported, which significantly increases the fees for dental services. In contrast, the in-house dental lab not only offers dental services at affordable prices for patients treated at CIDC, but also provides the Ethiopian dental market with more affordable products.


Educational Programme

The educational programme shall be directed to dental professionals who want to enhance their knowledge, learn new skills and get in touch with new technologies in the dental field. CIDC and KIDC shall create standardized dental procedures and treatments which will be passed on to the students through theoretical teaching and practical classes with hands-on training. Teaching and training shall cover the key fields of dentistry such as dental public health, endodontics (root canal treatment), oral and maxillofacial pathology, oral and maxillofacial radiology, oral and maxillofacial surgery, paediatric dentistry, periodontics and prosthodontics.


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