Dr. Peter Huemer

Dr. Peter Huemer, born in 1953, graduated from Medical School of Innsbruck University in 1980 and completed his specialist training in dentistry after two years. In 1983 he opened a dental practice in Wolfurt, Austria. Three years later he decided to run his practice on a private basis with the main focus on aesthetic periodontal surgery. In 1988, Dr. Huemer started to work in implantology and in 2001 he was certified as an Oral Implantology Specialist by the European Dental Association (EDA).


In his surgical work, Dr. Huemer has developed the Minifive® concept (denture stabilization by five mini-implants, 1999) and several instruments and implemented several highly innovative techniques such as immediate-load implants (1998) and the all on 6–concept (1998), only to mention a few. He was among the first to make use of computer-guided implant placement using 3D planning software in 2002 and the new navigation technique Nobel Guide™ in 2005.


Moreover, Dr. Huemer has been a member of the European Association of Osseointegration (EAO) since 1992, the Austrian Society of Periodontology (ÖGP), the Austrian Austrian Society for Oral Surgery and Dental Implantology since 2003, the ZAHNÄRZTLICHER ARBEITSKREIS KEMPTEN (ZAK, Dental Workgroup Kempten) since 1986 and the Club of 1000, an international study group of pre-eminent dental researchers founded by Prof. Schärer at Zurich University (Switzerland).


Furthermore, Dr. Huemer has been teaching at the Dental Assistant School in Dornbirn (Vorarlberg) since 1992, founded the Advanced Training Academy for dental assistants and a Study Club for Implantology and Periodontology. He also works as an examiner of periodontology and implantology for the EDA.


In addition to all these professional activities, he has devoted much of his extra time and effort to his humanitarian project PRO HOMINE, through which he has been providing dental aid for Uganda and Ethiopia.


Dr. Karl Immler

Dr. Karl Immler, born in Dornbirn, Austria graduated from Medical School at Innsbruck University in 1983 and subsequently completed his specialist training in dentistry at the University of Vienna.


In 1985, he opened a dental practice but two years later he decided to run it on a private basis with the main focus on aesthetic dentistry and composite techniques. Since 1985 he has completed several postgraduate training programmes in aesthetic dentistry as well as composite techniques offered by leading capacities such as Prof. Dr. Paul Belvedere, D.D.S., (Liechtenstein), Prof. Lutz (Zurich) and Dr. Vanini (Italy). In 1994, Dr. Immler also completed a training programme in implantology in Lucerne, Switzerland. Furthermore, he has attended intensive courses in implantology using the Branemark and ITI dental implant systems as well as in bone and soft tissue management.


In his practice, where he sees approx. 15 patients per day, he offers a variety of services including restorative and prosthodontic dentistry as well as surgical treatment.


Moreover, he is a lecturer in direct composite restorations (Vanini technique), highly aesthetic composite fillings in anterior and posterior teeth and in implantology.


Dr. Immler is also involved in the projects sponsored by PRO HOMINE and has already been to Kampala, Uganda several times to support the Dental Aid Project by offering teaching and training programmes.