PRO HOMINE Aid is a NGO based in Austria which focuses on dental health. For over 15 years its projects have been supplying training and improving life quality in Africa. Over those years PRO HOMINE has supported a good number of children, orphanage, dentists, dental offices and dental schools in Africa. It all started by the support which Dr. Peter Huemer and his wife Lydia offered to godchildren living in orphanages in Ethiopia and Uganda. When Dr. Huemer visited these children in 1992, he realized the urgent need for dental aid in these countries. This experience gave them the vision of initiating a humanitarian project—PRO HOMINE.


In 1993 the state-run Dental School in Kampala was about to be closed down. PRO HOMINE, with the help of Henry Schein Inc. (former: Austrodent Inc.)—in particular their local manager G. Saxer—and the federal government of Vorarlberg, was able to rescue the school in the nick of time. With their 26 dental chairs repaired and the hygiene protocol brought up-to-date, the school revitalized its dental training programme as well as its services for the community and was even able to find new sponsors, thus providing a better outlook for its future.


PRO HOMINE has been sponsoring a diploma course for students on the dental field, and today many of them work in a dental practice funded by PRO HOMINE. Furthermore Dr. Karl Immler and Dr. Peter Huemer for the last 5 years have been running intensive training courses for African dentists both in Uganda and Austria. Their hands-on teaching sessions on composite filling techniques and practical intensive courses on endodontics (root canal treatment) and prosthetics (dental crowns and bridgework) have stimulated a keen interest in state-of-the-art techniques among African dentists. In the meantime, the dentists trained by PRO HOMINE are able to run their dental practices independently and, in addition, to support their families financially.


Through its involvement in the Ugandan dental health system over the years, PRO HOMINE has gained deep insight into the needs of dental health in Uganda. The founders of PRO HOMINE have first-hand experience of the various challenges Uganda’s dental clinics are facing such as limited education, lack of professional knowledge and of up-to-date information and resources. Therefore, PRO HOMINE Dental Aid Project has the dream to maximize the potential of its projects by moving forward reaching excellence concerning dental education and dental treatment in the African continent.